Base Starter (♀) [Personal Use]

This .ZIP contains:

1 .PSD file
27 Individual layers as .PNG files
1 Read-Me file with thorough instructions and rules

Everything is labeled and organized!

This purchase does NOT include a commercial license!
Please purchase this version to obtain the commercial license that will allow you to sell creations using this base for your profit (such as adoptables)!

Here is a tutorial on how to open a .ZIP!


Do not redistribute any part of these files.

Do not use in commercial work unless you have purchased a commercial license

You may reposition my watermark, but you may NOT remove it, draw over it, crop it out, or otherwise hide it

If you upload art you have created off of this base to social media, I ask that you credit DAARKA.COM in the description/caption of your post. If you choose, you may instead link to my account on the relevant platform:
@DaarkaArts on Tumblr
@DaarkaArts on Instagram
@DaarkaArts on Twitter
@Daarka on Pillowfort
@Daarka on DeviantART

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me on any social platform! You can also email me here!


There are two ways to make use of this base.

The first is through directly opening the .PSD file included in this zip. This will work for:
- Photoshop / Photoshop Elements
- PaintTool SAI / PaintTool SAIv2
- Clip Studio Paint

If you are having trouble doing this, or if you use another program, all of the individual layers in that .PSD are included here as separate .PNG images. You can import/paste these one at a time as new layers into any program of your choosing!

If you would like to use this base in traditional art, you can use a free program like GIMP to arrange the layers you wish to use, and then you can print it out in one of two ways:
- Print it out as-is, and trace it on a separate sheet of paper
- In your art program, turn the opacity down to around 20% or lower, and draw directly on the printed image

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